LMAO: The Most Ridiculous Chat Messages of All Time

LMAO: The Most Ridiculous Chat Messages of All Time

In the age of digital communication, it’s not uncommon to encounter some truly bizarre and hilarious chat messages. While some may simply elicit a chuckle or a grin, others are so absurd that they leave us in stitches, unable to contain our laughter. These moments of pure comic gold have become synonymous with the acronym LMAO, which stands for “laughing my ass off.” In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most ridiculous chat messages of all time that are sure to make you LMAO.

1. The Unfortunate Spelling Error

We’ve all been there. We’re typing away, trying to keep up with the conversation, and suddenly our fingers betray us, leading to an embarrassing spelling error. But what happens when that error is so ridiculous that it changes the entire meaning of the message? Such was the case with one chat message that read:

“I just ate an entire cheese heroin.”

Of course, what the sender meant to say was “cheese sandwich,” but the misspelling turned the innocuous message into something quite different and potentially alarming.

2. The Auto-Correct Catastrophe

Auto-correct can be a useful tool when texting, but it can also cause some major headaches (and laughs) when it gets things wrong. One particularly notorious auto-correct incident involved a mother texting her daughter about a dinner party:

“Please bring a salad dressing and a pie for dessert.”

Except that’s not quite what the mother typed. Auto-correct had other ideas, and the message instead read:

“Please bring a Satan dressing and a pie for dessert.”

Needless to say, the daughter was more than a little confused!

3. The Case of the Missing Space

Punctuation is important, as one chat message demonstrated:

“I helped my uncle Jack off a horse.”

Of course, what the sender meant to say was:

“I helped my uncle Jack off, a horse.”

But without the necessary comma, the message takes on a whole new (and decidedly NSFW) meaning.

4. The Misinterpreted Emoticon

Emoticons can be a fun way to add some personality to your messages, but they can also be easily misinterpreted. One person learned this the hard way when they sent a message that included the “crying with laughter” emoticon:

“LOL 馃槀 I can’t believe you just said that!”

Except that their friend hadn’t actually said anything particularly funny. Instead, they had just shared a piece of bad news. The message took on a very different tone thanks to the misplaced emoticon.

5. The Autocorrect vs. the Profanity Filter

Many chat apps include a profanity filter to keep things clean, but sometimes those filters can be a little too aggressive. One person found this out when they tried to message their friend:

“What the duck are you doing?”

Except, of course, that the filter changed “duck” to its more profane counterpart, leading to a hilariously inappropriate message.


These are just a few of the many ridiculous chat messages that have left us all LMAO over the years. Whether due to autocorrect errors, typos, or misplaced emoticons, these messages remind us of the importance of keeping our wits about us when sending digital communications. But more importantly, they remind us that sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine.

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