The Ultimate List of Insurance Memes You Need to See Now.

The Ultimate List of Insurance Memes You Need to See Now

Insurance can be a dry and uninspiring topic. However, the internet has given rise to a powerhouse of hilarious memes that perfectly encapsulate the absurdity and frustration of dealing with insurance. Here’s our ultimate list of insurance memes that will make you laugh and nod knowingly.

1. The All-Too-Relatable Insurance Claim Process

One of the most frustrating experiences in dealing with insurance is the often lengthy and complicated claims process. This meme sums up the feeling perfectly with a picture of a person holding a phone with a plaintive caption: “Please hold, your claim is important to us.”

2. The Smiling Insurance Salesman

Insurance salesmen can sometimes seem like overly enthusiastic used car salesmen, constantly trying to sell you policies you don’t need. This meme features a salesperson with a crazed smile, accompanied by the caption: “When the insurance salesman says ‘Don’t worry, it’s affordable!'”

3. The “Too Good to Be True” Insurance Ad

Insurance ads often make lofty promises designed to entice customers. This meme showcases a picture of a car wrapped in a giant bow, accompanied by the caption: “When the insurance ad says ‘we’ll replace your vehicle with an identical one if it’s totaled’.”

4. The Confused Insurance Customer

Insurance policies can be filled with complex jargon and fine print, leading to confusion for customers. This meme shows a person scratching their head with the caption: “When you try to read and understand your insurance policy.”

5. The Insurance Premium Struggle

Paying insurance premiums can be a financial burden, particularly when unexpected expenses arise. This meme features an image of a person surrounded by stacks of bills with the caption: “When you finally have enough money to pay your insurance, but then your car breaks down.”

6. The “I Have Insurance” Excuse

Insurance can be the perfect excuse for a variety of situations. This meme showcases a person shrugging with the caption: “When you’re invited to do something you don’t want to do, but you can’t say no because you have insurance.”

7. The Insurance Company’s Response

Insurance companies are known for their calculating and often unfeeling approach to claims. This meme features a picture of an unamused cat with the caption: “When the insurance company denies your claim, but you know you’re in the right.”

8. The Accidental Insurance Fraudster

Misunderstandings and accidents can lead to unintentional insurance fraud. This meme features a man with an outstretched hand and a guilty expression with the caption: “When you say you’re a great driver on your insurance application, but then you get into an accident.”

9. The Insurance Industry Insider Joke

Insurance professionals have their own language and insider knowledge. This meme features a picture of a dog staring into space with the caption: “When someone asks what a deductible is for the hundredth time.”

10. The Insurance Horror Story

Despite the humor of many insurance memes, there are real-life horror stories that can make dealing with insurance a nightmare. This meme features a picture of a person screaming with the caption: “When your insurance company denies your claim even though it’s clearly covered in the policy.”


These are just a few examples of the hilarious and relatable insurance memes that can be found on the internet. They remind us that we’re not alone in our frustration and confusion when it comes to insurance. Plus, they provide a much-needed chuckle in an otherwise serious industry. So the next time you find yourself struggling with insurance, turn to memes for some much-needed comic relief.

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